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ASPiRE Jr. Faculty Presentation

No description

Heather Miller

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of ASPiRE Jr. Faculty Presentation

ASPiRE Junior Faculty Presentation Research Creative Arts ... small Mission Ball State University's ASPiRE Internal Grant Program provides funding to faculty, professional personnel, and students to support projects in the areas of research, scholarly studies, and creative endeavors.

ASPiRE awards further the goal of ultimately seeking external sponsorship by providing seed money for research findings that will lead to further support from external funding agencies. What IS the Research Program? Projects submitted to the research competition involve a process of study or discovery that will produce new insights, theories, or applications within the discipline and/or society

Results of the research should also be worthy of submission for publication in refereed journals and foster opportunities for commercialization where applicable.
Jr. Faculty members in their first five years of receiving a new appointment.

Those faculty moving from contract to tenure‐-track status are considered eligible as junior faculty.

A Junior Faculty award will be granted only once to an eligible recipient- those past three years are considered “General Faculty” WHO? WHY? Eligibility WHEN? Pre-submission Deadline: Research: Tuesday, January 17th 2012
Creative Arts: Monday, January 23rd 2012
(no later than 5:00 p.m.) Full-submission Deadline: Research: Tuesday, January 31st 2012
Creative Arts: Monday, February 6th, 2012
(no later than 5:00 p.m.) To identify your proposal manager, please see: http://cms.bsu.edu/About/AdministrativeOffices/SPO/AboutOurOffice/ProposalManagerList.aspx What is the Creative Arts Program? Creative Arts What does the Creative Arts
Program support? The goal of the creative arts program is to provide support to those projects that propose the creation and/or presentation of works of creative art.

Eligible projects are those in areas supported by the National Endowment for the Arts: Arts Education, Dance, Design, Folk & Traditional Arts, Literature, Media Arts (Film/Radio/Television), Museums, Music, Music Theatre, Opera, Presenting, Theatre, and Visual Arts. WHAT? What do I write? Tips & Traps? Read the Guidelines. Follow the Guidelines.
Look at reference sources outside of your immediate field of expertise.
Check the literature-cited page against the proposal.
If an item is in the narrative, provide for it in the budget. If it’s in the budget, mention how it will be used in the narrative.
Ask a colleague outside of your field to read your proposal. QUESTIONS?
ASPiRE Internal Grant Manager: aspire@bsu.edu, or call 285-1600
Proposal Manager, call 285-1600 or see: http://cms.bsu.edu/About/AdministrativeOffices/SPO/AboutOurOffice/ProposalManagerList.aspx Contact the
Sponsored Programs Office What can I request funding for? Summer Stipend
Summer Session G.A.
Supplemental Assigned Time
Supplies, Expenses, Equipment, and Travel
Maximum Award is $10,000 https://sitecorecms.bsu.edu/App_Media/9/4/4/%7B9445F585-8FF9-4293-9FB6-6B25F383F91B%7DASPiRE%20Junior%20Faculty%20Research%20Guideline%20Revisions%20-%20AY%2012-13.pdf Guidelines: Guidelines: Please note that a scope of work may sometimes be applicable to both programs (e.g. writing a work of historical fiction) – please feel free to contact the ASPiRE Program Manager to discuss which program would be most appropriate. 5 page (double-spaced) narrative, comprised of:
Executive Summary
Background information (literature review)
Goals, objectives, and significance
External funding plans
Methods & Timeline
Means of dissemination, or expected outcome Executive Summary Background information &
Goals, objectives, and significance

External funding plans Who I am writing to?
Methods & Timeline
Means of dissemination, or expected outcome WHERE?
All proposals must be submitted via IRBNet.
Step-by-step instructions for registering and uploading proposals for review on IRBNet can be found at the following url:
http://cms.bsu.edu/About/AdministrativeOffices/SPO/ASPiRE/IRBNetASPIREHelp.aspx IRBNEt https://sitecorecms.bsu.edu/App_Media/0/8/6/%7B086074C6-A209-48DB-96A1-752FD862670F%7DASPiRE%20Junior%20Faculty%20Creative%20Arts%20Guidelines%20(AY%2012-13).pdf
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