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Somatic Experiencing

No description

Susanne Reinhold

on 6 September 2017

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Transcript of Somatic Experiencing

to work with traumatizing events in a non-traumatizing way
case example(s)
the premise
stress/threat responses of animals in the wild where fight/flight/freeze is engaged and nervous system is then re-set to pre-stress levels by trembling, heavy breathing, sweating or re-enacting and completing fight/flight behaviours.

what's often in the way for us human animals is our highly developed neo-cortex: we become stuck in uncompleted survival responses (either in SNS or DVC) = trauma
Somatic Experiencing
tools i used that were helpful to clients
- orienting to increase ventral vagal tone
- exploring SIBAM
- noticing the periphery of sensations/emotions
- psychoeduction
- sharing my own observations, my own
- hesitations in the moment or after
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