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Gender Equality and Technology

No description

Elizabeth Schmidt

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of Gender Equality and Technology

Gender Equality in
Technology Implementation
in the Elementary Classroom by Lizzie Schmidt The Study Reaction and Reflection EME 4401 What's the divide? -Studies have shown that both male and female students showed being on the same level for technology skills (ability and usage) up until middle school.

-Males began to surpass females - due to attitudes in elementary school?

-Attitudes toward gender in subject areas (males in math, females in language arts) show those students excelling in those areas - do we ever give them a chance to excel individually?
-K-8 Study in NJ, all classrooms had 2 computers with internet access.
-"The purpose of this project was to increase teacher gender equity awareness levels with respect to student computer technology usage."

-The study aimed to observe that all students had access to computers, that the teacher was fair to both genders and their educational abilities, and if the teachers' attitudes towards gender in education correlated with technology.

-Teachers were observed by how much the assisted each gender in use of technology, and how much feedback was given to each gender.

-The study showed that teachers gave more technology experiences to males.

-After, teachers were given intervention trainings, based on their results: technology access, attitudes about gender and technology,
and technology provisions and gender.

-The teachers said that these interventions helped them realize how they were doing an injustice to their students; and even changed
their descriptions of the gender after these interventions as well. -Our attitudes toward our students can have detrimental effects.

-How do we stereotype genders?

-I hope to treat each of my students equally, and give
them each the chance to excel in whatever way they
wish. Luongo, N. (n.d.). Increasing elementary school teachers' awareness of gender inequity in student computer usage . (2012). International Electronic Journal of Elementary Education, Retrieved from http://www.iejee.com/4_3_2012/IEJEE_4_3_519_544.pdf
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