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New Student Housing Application

A guide to help new students submit their housing application online.

Housing Services

on 5 February 2019

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Transcript of New Student Housing Application

Housing Services
New Student Housing Application Guide
Important Dates
Friday, April 13
Odyssey Day

Sunday, May 1
Enrollment Deposits Due*

Sunday, May 15
New Freshman Housing
Application Due

Monday, August 1
New Transfer Student Housing
Application Due
Submitting your
Housing Application
First, log in to CardinalStudents, then click
Main Menu: (use a PC, iPhones and iPads don't work)
A few other things...
Welcome to
Then select
Student Self-Service
And next, click
Then select
My Housing
at The Catholic University of America
First: Click on "Application"
New Student Application
read this
before you sign.
Then click
these questions.
means it's
Use the
dropdown menus
to indicate your preferences.
You can select
3 Choices
for Room Type. You may choose your building preference, your actual room will be assigned later. Do not hit Continue until you have added all 3 Choices.
Remember your choices and preferences are not guaranteed!
If you want to change a preference, click
When you're done, click
All set!
Welcome to Housing at Catholic University!! We'll be in touch over the summer with your assignment!
Remember to indicate your
choice #
Dining plans are
now available for selection.

Click on
here, and you will see this screen. Choose the correct Term and submit.
As a first-year student, you are required to have a "Anytime Plan".
your plan*
*You will only see dining plans that you are eligible for.
*Residential Freshmen and Sophomores are required to have an
All Access Plan.
Dining Plan Rates are also displayed in the drop-down menu. Rates shown are per semester.
Helpful Hints!
Then press
Once you submit your Dining Plan selection you will be able to see it displayed on your Dining screen, along with your current dining plan (if any).
You can
change your dining plan
through the
Friday of the first week of classes

each semester.
Still confused about something?
Call us at 202-319-5615, email us at cua-housing@cua.edu,
or stop by our office! We'd love to help!
Please note: when housing assignments are being made,
rooming preferences will be considered according to the
following priority: mutual roommate requests,
room type preferences, Interest Community preferences.
If you change your mind about preferences, you can always return to the application until the May 15th deadline! You can make any necessary changes or add roommate requests, and we will retain your original submission date.
(If you're not seeing the application it's probably because you haven't paid your residential enrollment deposit.)
Don't forget to complete your
Roommate Profile
Roommate Profile
can assist you in finding potential roommates based on similar rooming preferences and characteristics!
If your profile is set to
, other students will be able to see your room preferences when using the search fields. You have the option of setting your profile to

Use this section to indicate how other students can reach out (i.e. CUA email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). You can leave this section black if you prefer.
Use this section to share information about yourself like your favorite sports teams, hobbies, etc.
Use this feature to search for possible
Using the
Advanced Roommate Search
option, you can find other CUA Class of 2121 students with similar rooming preferences and characteristics as yourself!
Connect with fellow students and if you find someone you would like to request as a roommate, simply click the
"Request This Student"

Roommate requests must be mutually agreed in order for Housing Services to fulfill the request.
*If you paid the $500 Enrollment Deposit, that means
you intend to be a Residential Student.

There is not a separate Housing Deposit.
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