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No description

kyra hemelgarn

on 15 January 2016

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Transcript of Warriors

My book is Warriors Midnight by Erin Hunter. WARNING!!! this is first book in second siries do not read fisrt! Anyways... this book is about brambleclaw, a cat in thunderclan who has a dream\vision about a sun-drown place. Brambleclaw finds out about other cats in different clans having the same dream. Brambleclaw also finds out that sun-drown place is real from Ravenpaw who is a loner without a clan. Brambleclaw has another dream that tells him to find Midnight. Brambleclaw goes with the other cats with the same dream in other clans to find the sun-drown place
Favorite part!!
My favorite line of the book wasBrambleclaw felt a new strength pouring into his limbs, as if he could go on running forever until he soared into the fiery sky like one of the white birds that wheeled and screamed above him.
Why You Should Read It
I think those who are in love with warriors and are about to start the series should then read this book because this book is a suspenseful adventure story that urges readers forward.
I also chose this book because I love he warriors siries and well I wanted to see what the second siries was about.
A connection I had with this book was jow on brambleclaw's adventure it reminded me of when I would go on road trips to see my grandparents ( in Florida ) and see my own adventures.
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