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ILA Refugee Fair AAR

No description

Adam Wallace

on 1 December 2012

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Transcript of ILA Refugee Fair AAR

Agenda The Refugee Volunteer Fair
The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
Staff Feedback
Guest/Student Feedback
Organization Feedback
Conclusion Conclusion The Need.
Planning and Logistics
Marketing and Communication
The Refugee Volunteer Fair
After Action Review Adam Wallace
Joselyn Turner
Diya Shah
Jesse Sheets Reason for the Fair
Logistics and Planning
Communication Challenges The Need. 1/147 in Utah
Students want to volunteer
Organizations need help
Students need internships Marketing and Advertising Communicating Execution Target Audience
School Wide Emails
Facebook Group
Free Pizza After Action Review ILA Organizer Feedback NGO Feedback Student Feedback Questions??? Refugee
Fair Planning and Logistics Google Docs and Meetings
Deciding on a Date
Choosing a Location
Booking a Venue
Food Issues First Contact
Confirmation Flier Distribution
Set Up
Food Distribution
Tickets Hours
During the Fair
Break Down
Final Contact Overall
Continuing the Event “I didn’t even know there were so many opportunities to get involved. Thank you for sponsoring this event...I was here before I knew about the pizza!” “We (IRC/Bennion Center) received 20+ interested persons, and contact has continued with many regarding establishing a volunteer experience.”
– Parker Chapple
International Rescue Committee / Bennion Center “I love that you all put energy into getting the word out about the event. It was nice to have a specific recruitment effort for community organizations that work with refugees. I like this niche approach. Well done.”
- Beth Garstka, English Skills Learning Center Positive Overall
Research Free Opportunity "I've been wanting to volunteer
but didn't know where to start" AASA Coordination with School Group “It was very, very helpful with a lot of good information! I would’ve come even without the free pizza!” I wish I had more students stopping by...so not exactly sure if the timing for the students was right. Perhaps it would have been better if we were downstairs by the food since it was lunch time...
- Beth Garstka, English Skills Learning Center
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