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United Kingdom

No description

Kacie Phillippo

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of United Kingdom

United Kingdom
Pip Pip

World's 6th largest economy by nominal GDP

World's 8th largest economy by PPP
Britain's Trade
With Canada
Britain's Currency
Branches Of Government
By: Kacie
Northern Ireland
Capital- London, England
Great Britain
Pop: 63 million
Buckingham Palace,
Big Ben,
Fun Fact!
I recently learned that
Northern Ireland is in fact
not a part of Ireland at all!
It is a Kingdom in the U.K.
Industrial Society-
A society that relies
mainly on technology
and mass production
of products
Fun Fact!
The name Big Ben is
just a nickname. The
clock tower was originally
called "Clock Tower" but
Was recently changed (2012)
To "Elizabeth Tower"
A druid was a member
of the priestly class among
the Celtics people of Gaul,
Britain, Ireland, and possibly
elsewhere during the
Iron Age.
Places I want to visit!!
A monarch is an
extreme or absolute
head of a state
Agrarian Society-
A society that relies
mainly on agriculture.
Rm. 12-1
Palace of Westminster-
This palace is the meeting
place of the House of
Commons and the House
of Lords. (explained later)
Constitutional Monarchy
A law determining the
fundamental political
principles of a government
Her Majesty,
Queen Elizabeth II
Fun Fact!
Canada and Britain
share a sovereign!
(Queen Elizabeth II)
British Monarch
The Right Honourable,
David Cameron
British Prime Minister
Get it, branches? :)
I'm punny!
An assembly or council of citizens
having the highest deliberative
functions in a government, especially
a legislative assembly of a
state or nation.
House of Representatives-
In many countries, the House of
Representatives is the lower house
of a bicameral legislature, with the
corresponding upper house
often called a "Senate".
A group of high-ranking state
officials, typically consisting of
the top leaders of the
executive branch.
Pound Sterling
Fun Fact!
Locally, a pound is not called a pound, but a quid.
CAD=Canadian Dollar
GBP=British Pound Sterling
1 Pound=1.85 Canadian Dollars
1 Pound=1.66 U.S. Dollars
Fun Fact!
I have no fun fact.
Government is
boring and not fun
at all.
GDP: $2.38 trillion
GDP/per capita: $37 500
CETA- Comprehensive Economic
and Trade Agreement
4.2% of Canada's
total Exports
2.32% of Canada's
Total Imports
Share of Global Economy:
GDP= Gross Domestic Product
The market value of all officially recognized final
goods and services
produced within a country in a
year, or other given period of time.
Free Trade Between Canada
and the EU (European Union)
Fun Fact!
U.K.'s top trading
1. Germany
2. U.S.A.
3. Netherlands
4. France
5.Irish Republic
*13. Canada
2nd-$18.8 billion
6th-$10.3 billion
As of 2011
As of 2011
Ha Ha! Canada
has better dollars!
PPP= Purchasing Power Parity
In economics, purchasing power parity (PPP) is a component of some economic theories and is a technique used to determine the relative value of different currencies.
*Not Cereal*
Fun Fact!
I'm Done!
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