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Morgan Freeman

No description

Remington Brooks

on 14 December 2013

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Transcript of Morgan Freeman

By. Remington Brooks

Wahoo Cray and his father Mickey Cray are both invited to guest star in a survival Reality Tv Show. His Father gets a concussion and Wahoo goes by himself.
The show is broadcasted a few months later, and gets good ratings, and wahoo and tuna return to there lives, but tuna is with her nice mother
Rising Action
It turns out that there going to shoot a real survival show in the everglades, and the crays thought it was goig to be cancelled but they were wrong. Derek, a guy who joined the crays in the show, sufferes a number of injuries from a huge snake
Tuna's father shoots mickey in the foot, and Derek bites Tuna's father on the Nack to stop him from shooting anyone else. Man to Man
Tuna Gordon, a girl who's also on the show, Sees her abusive father, and as she trys to flee she jumps on a boat with wahoo and tuna's dad takes Mickey captive
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