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This Desperate Race

Poetry presentation

Bryan Martin

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of This Desperate Race

My brethren fall as if swept up by those
Who stand against us in this ancient race
For life itself. We run. We know not why
We do it, but we match each other's pace. As home looms near the fear intensifies.
The crabs; the gulls waiting here for their meal
Tear from me my brothers and my kin,
Not capable of thinking how we feel. Itself from this silent darkness
To your loud and well lit lives.
You don't know us. We don't know you.
But for the same breath we strive. We stormed the beach like those boys did
In Normandy in June.
Shaking loose from sand and dust we rise
To meet the air. The danger that resides
There sits still unknown to us. But
In the darkness predators still hide. As night falls we dive into action.
The caruncle used to tear the leath'ry shell.
The hole we make so small and peaceful first,
Is enlarged to free us into hell. The frantic race for freedom now ensues
As the crash of surf beckons ever more.
Between nest and home lies danger still,
Yet uncertainty lies in what's in store. The sacrifice that they made there
Won't be forgotten soon. With a final push I plunge into the sea.
Welcomed by the cool water I come
To relax. But no. I am naive.
This fight for life has really just begun. But this battle we have fought
Is one that you won't know
About. We fight for life itself
But it does not show
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