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Creating a Wordle

No description

Glenn Anton

on 15 September 2014

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Transcript of Creating a Wordle

Expressing a theme using Wordle
You have a great idea for a theme about baseball! OK, but.......
How can you express your ideas?
Go to
For example:
type in your baseball words
ball cap bat batter bunt catch catcher coach dugout
fence field umpire infielder outfielder foul glove hit
safe out strike pitcher homerun Baseball

Repeat words you feel are more important
ball ball ball ball ball ball cap bat bat bat bat bat bat batter batter batter bunt catch catch catch catch catcher catcher catcher coach coach dugout fence field field field umpire umpire infielder infielder outfielder outfielder foul glove glove glove glove glove glove hit hit hit hit hit hit hit safe safe safe safe out out out out strike strike strike strike pitcher pitcher pitcher homerun homerun Baseball Baseball Baseball Baseball Baseball Baseball Baseball Baseball Baseball Baseball
Press "Create"
make a few editing adjustments

It's that easy and fun!
How can you get your audience's attention?
Type in words over and over again
The more it's typed,
the larger the word will appear in the Wordle
And Your Done!
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