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Is selective breeding good or bad?

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Eman Khalid

on 2 November 2014

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Transcript of Is selective breeding good or bad?

Selective breeding isthe process by which humans breed other animals and plants in a specific way.
How does this work?
The breeder selects a desirable traits (milk,eggs etc) and keeps breeding them until the offspring has the desirable features.
What is selective breeding?
Is selective breeding good or bad?
Selective breeding gives us what we want. Such as plants that are disease resistant, so when we eat it we will not be affected. Plants are also making the capacity to grow on lands that are not suitable for them to grow in which can be a benefit and that way you can get more food and a variety of different plants even if its in a land which is not suitable for them.
Plant Advantages
For animals, selective breeding can produce more fitter and stronger animals such as the Belgian Blues. Some animals are bred for higher yields of milk, meat or eggs. This means we can produce animals that can be suitable in poor climates which means that we can preserve human food supplies and can save life. Also some animals will be disease resistant.
Animal advantages
Breed animal:
So what do you think?
Many people think that selective breeding is bad because Selective breeding is also a risk of changing the evolution of the species and because humans are breeding different species for
a particular trait this can lead for a risk of losing some of the other genes which can be very hard o get back.

Disadvantage of selective breeding
If the transgenic pollen might be blown in the wind and pollinate wild plants. It might be impossible to kill weeds with the weedkiller if they pick up weedkiller-resistant gene from a nearby GM ( genetically modified) crop.
Plant Disadvantages:
Transgenic animals might escape and breed with animals in the wild. This could be a problem because the new species might compete with natural organisms for resources and threaten their survival. The introduced gene might make new species impossible to control if it becomes a threat.
Animal disadvantages:
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