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Naspers 4

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Bob Westerfield

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Naspers 4

We supplied this two screen hard set including custom printed logo branding treatment seen on the center section, the acrylic lectern shown here, and deck with carpeting and hard fascia in less than three weeks lead time....... Our new line of Christie HD16 projectors running at 720p resolution were a perfect match for the projects requirements, and the wide angle lenses available for them allowed for minimum distance behind the scenery while not compromising the high quality images which were demanded with almost zero hot spotting . The projectors and numerous LED Flat panels were fed with an Analog Way Orchestra, Diventix Switcher and two Analog Way Pulse boxes, to accommodate various sources being displayed on different displays, including the public space adjoining the meeting room. Feeding the switcher matrix were signals from:
Apple TV
Apple chat
Blu Ray
DVD The PA system featured one of our Yamaha M7 Consoles, nine working headset microphones, four wireless handheld microphones, two wired lectern microphones as well as playback of all sources into Meyer speakers and subwoofers. The stage was lit with conventional as well as moving lights, the set was warmed with LED devices as well as custom logos in the moving lights. Welcome.
Please use the arrows to navigate through the presentation.
Fell free to click on any image or text box to zoom into it, then resume
navigating via the arrows. All in all, making a comfortable environment for
the audience of international entrepenuers. Once done, our crew loaded out, then our trucks brought everything back to our nearby facilities. To be put back in storage and readied for the next project. Our 35,000 square foot facility in nearby Mount Vernon, NY includes a scenic shop and metal shop as well as storage
for all of our lighting, sound and video equipment. Our large inventory of modular scenic
pieces, lecterns and decking of various
heights allowed us to offer very competitive
pricing, even though all was done within a very short lead time.
We do not do the printing in our shop, but
we do have a great relationship with a
local printing shop. The Christie Mirage HD16K-J 3-chip DLP® projector offers exceptional image quality and detail in a compact size. With 14,000 ANSI (15,400 center) lumens for pure presentation power and unsurpassed color accuracy and adjustability, the Christie Mirage J Series platform offers the smallest, high-performance 3-chip DLP® stereoscopic products on the market. The Christie Mirage J Series delivers visually stunning 3D for home theater and entertainment, museums and education, scientific research, manufacturing, oil and gas exploration and anything else in between. Analog Way is an innovation-driven designer and manufacturer, specializing
in computer and video signal processing and distribution.
Analog Way develops and manufactures a
wide range of equipment dedicated to
Professional Audio Visual applications.
Our need to cleanly switch many varities
of Hi Definition sources demanded the
capabilities of these devices. Staged by Staging Techniques, New York Naspers is a leading multinational media group, incorporated in 1915 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Over the past two decades the group has evolved from a traditional print media business in one country, to a broad-based e-media company in multiple markets.

The group’s principal operations are in internet platforms (focussing on commerce, communities, content, communication and games), pay-television and the provision of related technologies and print media (including publishing, distribution and printing of magazines, newspapers and books). Most of Naspers’s businesses hold leading market positions.

The group’s most significant operations are located in emerging markets. This includes South Africa and the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa, China, Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and India. While Staging Techniques is a PC - centric
organization, we fully grasp the nuances
of interfacing all kinds of devices cleanly
into a show environment. While we depend on our visual prowess, we
understand that Audio is the first word in
Audio Visual. This project was fairly
straightforward, although we did insist
on rigging speakers (which we picked up the
rigging tab for) to insure that the entire
audience would have no issues
comprehending what was being spoken. Not a large rig, but none the less
important that all the aspects of
what happened on stage be just
right. The Staging Techniques brand approaches its 50th anniversary this year.

Formed in New York City in 1963, the company has grown steadily through the years, and is now established in Atlanta, Los Angeles and Seattle as well.
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