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on 27 January 2015

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Transcript of MAGAZINE

Regarding careers we can choose for our future, we could find 4 important branches such as science, technology, humanistics and art. As we already know, paying a career means a really hard effort for many people because apart from being expensive itself, they also suppose having to pay a flat and other things. Beginning a career leads to a new era in the youths’ life because many and many became independent and many others have to relocate in cities that are far from their families.
As far as people’s thoughts are concerned, it is really expanded the idea of science careers being the most difficult ones, but I don’t completely agree with that. On the one hand, although it is true that they are the careers that ask for higher marks so it is more difficult to enter at them, they aren’t the most difficult ones as for the content. Even if you are good at learning things, if you can’t achieve at least an eight out of ten in almost every subject, you won’t be able to get into medicine for example. On the other hand, humanistic careers are also difficult, being able to memorise years and years of history isn’t precisely a silly thing, but they are considered the easiest ones because careers of this branch don’t usually ask for high marks. So we can consider there are many factors to be taken into account when talking about difficulties. Here the link of a web where you can see the last minimum marks in Madrid.
Monday, February 17, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
German Cuisine

Italian Cuisine

This cuisine is a bit different to the italian one, in the way that it has less variety of food and the germans eat more meat and fish. This cuisine is different to the other in the way that their meals have a lot of carbohydrates and the always accompany the meal with a beer. There are various kinds of beer around all Germany. When we listen something about the German cuisine, we relationate with the American food, due to its emphasis in meat and potatoes.

The Pale large pilsener, a style developed in the middle of the 19s, is predominant in most part of the country nowadays. The Pale Large is a method to obtain beer from a brewing technique.
It is type of sausage called Bratwurst. This sausage is usually composed with veal, pork and beef.
We all know something about the italian cuisine. The italian cuisine is noted for its regional diversity, abundance in different taste, and it is probably one of the most popular in the world. Italian cuisine is characterized by its simplicity, with many dishes having only between 4-8 ingredients. Italian chef prefer the quality of the product rather than an elaborate preparation.
Two very typical Italian products and originally from Italy are the artichoke and almond. Artichokes are grown in practically all of the 20 regions, is responsible for almost 2/3 of the world’s artichoke production. The almond tree is native to the Mediterranean. Since the almond grows in mild climates, the largest producers are Italy, Spain, Portugal, and California. Italian also use almond apart from eaten them in their natural form, to make essence and flavors.
Pasta with pesto. This pesto is a sauce originating in Genoa in the Liguria region of northern Italy. Traditionally consists of crushed garlic, basil, and European pine nuts blended with olive oil.
Cheese and wine are a major part of the cuisine and coffe, specifically espresso has become important too
In this picture we can see a bird that it’s dead and in his body there are a lot of objects and that’s why it is dead. This type of birds go to the rivers to find food and those rivers usually are contaminated and they eat all the garbages that the people throw to the rivers. We have to avoid this, because if we continue throwing things and objects to the rivers more birds and fishes will die and we don’t want to see the rivers with dead animals.
Contamination is the presence of a minor and unwanted constituent in a material, in physical body, in the natural environment, at a workplace, etc

Golf has become much more egalitarian in the past couple decades. Golf is an expensive sport for obvious reasons. To play golf, you need clubs. Clubs can be cheap, but good clubs cost as much as week in Huawei. Unless you want to hit the ball up and down your neighborhood streets, you’re going to need a course. Country clubs are the best option you have.
$25,000 per year is not as expensive as private clubs but neither cheap, which works out to about $500 per round.
There are several companies that are called Fagor, but here I'm goint to talk only about Fagor electrodomestic.
Fagor Electrodomésticos is a large domestic and commercial appliance manufacturer based in the Basque Country, Spain and run by the Mondragon Corporation. Until its bankruptcy in November 2013, Fagor was Spain's largest consumer appliance company and the fifth largest electrical appliance company in Europe manufacturing a wide range of domestic appliances including washing machines, fridges and ovens.
The world's largest workers' co-operative formed in 1956 in a small workshop in Mondragon, Spain.

After a worst year that it has passed, Fagor’s economy is getting better, because Cata company it has bought with 42,5 milions. About 705 workers they have started to work, the factory is back to normal, although a lot of people they continue unemployed.

The economy problem started a few years ago, and year after year is has been getting worse. It has a indebtedness of 1.200 milions. Some Fagor’s factory closed last years, with the consequence that all the workers become unemployed, they remained 1.770 jobless. Also a lot of people lost their saving. Two factories Then the workers organized and there are organizing many protest march but they don't get nothing.
Fagor it placed about 900 Arrasatean people in other companies, but other people have had to found a job on his own account.
Since then, they have been negotiating with other companies to get a solution. In the last year, there have been a lot of movement. Two months ago, Fagor almost signed a contract with Cevital company, but weren't offered enought money. And now finally, Cata has bought a company with 42,5 millions and some workers start working.

In our school, Gaztelupe, there are a new technological instruments. There are a PC-Tablet, a computer that you can quit the screen. There screen is of 10 inch but to us is very litle.

I think that there are a good way to study but when you are bored in class, you tend to see pages that they aren’t to study. You chat, see news, games, videos, music… In the Internet, there are many types of entertainment in the web.

In my opinion, this computers are small to study because are people that they can’t see very fine in computers and if the computers are small… And if the pages for entertainment were blokced we would study more. The music would be prohibited and the headphones only to work.

There are many positive points. When we need a computer, we don’t have to go to computer room. We can see videos in youtube related with the work.

To conclude, the computers are a good tool to study but without entertainment
Some sports are popular among rich people because they require a lot of money and free time. You better believe that sailing exemplifies that better than any other entry on this list.
This sport required a ship, yacht, catamarans.... so as you can expect this thing can only have rich people.
The Godfather of rich people sports. Not only expensive to entry, this sport also has the added bonus of requiring the domination of another species of animal in order to succeed. Further, when a shirt bearing a little logo of a guy playing polo becomes a universal symbol for rich people.
But why is it so important to study? Nowadays in order to have a prosperous future, you need a good job with a good salary, and that is like a part of a pack which comes with having good studies and degrees. Some years ago, being the son of an important person was enough to achieve a job, but now things have changed, although some people might have their job thanks to connections, officially it isn’t accepted. Besides, many people who has studied a lot can’t work at what they like because of the lack of positions.
As for our future jobs, all jobs aren’t created equal. In fact, some are simply better than the rest. And the quality is calculated taking into account some aspects such as, employment opportunity, good salary, manageable work-life balance and job security. And the best jobs are also ranked because of the social opinion. After searching for some information we have made a list of the best jobs in U.S.
Here it is the video of the interview with
the celebrities:

Fagor workers in a demonstration, demanding a better future.
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