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why do many customer self-service experiences fail

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Jonathan Seal

on 22 November 2012

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Transcript of why do many customer self-service experiences fail

Causes of failure User frustrations Why do many customer
self-service experiences fail? User testing Standish report findings: 1. Plan for real usage by real people 2. Ask for what you want
in small stages 3. Explain processes 4. Support self-serve with other channels 5. Problems should be easy to report 6. Make communication traceable 7. User benefits > business benefits 8. Customer > Internal systems & language 9. Allow users guided choice with
contact channels My E.ON journal Customer Interviews Simple* themes in reducing frustration about self-serve Computer says "no" Example Result? Lack of trust in what this brand is telling me Less likely to try self-service in the future Service disruption scenario Jonathan Seal jonathan.seal@mandogroup.com Director of Strategy, Mando Group @jay_seal Me Lack of user input listed as top reason for 'challenged' projects
and second reason for 'failed' projects after unclear requirements GETTING
USER INPUT Focus groups Field studies Surveys Social media monitoring Analytics "But I need to use it now!" "Uh.. maybe not" "OK, it makes sense now" "I'm willing to give it a go..." "You eat what?!" "I can see my question is being dealt with" "Hmmm... What do I get out of this?" "This system appears to be held together with gaffer tape" "Are they talking my language?" Incentives
Quality of service "They don't seem to be hiding anything" * Simple to understand. Hard to deliver and retain. "If the system doesn't behave how I expect, I lose trust and go elsewhere" What could have been NEED! Clarity > Choice 11,721,000,000,000,000 (that's nearly 12 quadrillion)
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