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Prototype design with SketchFlow

Designing fully functional prototypes with SketchFlow

Danny Hoogendoorn

on 17 May 2011

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Transcript of Prototype design with SketchFlow

Rapid prototyping Define the workflow using SKETCHFLOW for Microsoft Expression Blend 3 Sketchflow benefits explained in 7 simple steps 1. 2. Sketch out ideas 3. Create User Experience 4. Presenting prototype to stakeholders Give instant feedback 5. ONLINE 6. Re-design prototype 7. Export FDD document for DEV define the workflow of the prototype sketching ideas on paper... or powerpoint presentations... ...and import your sketches to Sketchflow offcourse you can also use sketchflow to "sketch" out your ideas Add functionality to the prototype... ... using behaviours and states let the users navigate to child pages user stories define your workflow and interaction design The functional prototype is presented online using microsoft silverlight The prototype can also be exported as a desktop version Stakeholders can give instant feedback on the prototype... ... and export the feedback to the designer The designer can import the feedback in his workspace... ...And re-design the prototype following the stakeholder's feedback Export the Sketchflow project to microsoft word... You now have a document for developers, graphic designers and stakeholders explaining the prototype. Sketchflow + UI elements already defined Visual workflow of the website/webapplication User Experience design, fully functional prototypes Online and offline presentation of the digital prototype Instant online feedback for stakeholders Create Functional Design Document for Stakeholders/Development/Designers Less iterations in design process Chances are that this presentation will surely blow your mind... ...It can also lead to some dizziness WARNING:
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