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PRC National Consumer Study

No description

Jill Reeves

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of PRC National Consumer Study

Demographic Snapshot
For over 25 years, PRC has interviewed 1,000 household decision-makers to learn more about their perceptions and utilization of healthcare services.
A Comparative Look at US Consumers:
Their Perceptions and Utilization of Healthcare

Males - 34.2%
Females - 65.8%
Age of Respondents

18 - 34 15.9%
35 - 44 19.8%
45 - 54 23.5%
55 - 64 22.8%
Over 65 17.9%
with Children

One 15.1%
Two or More 31.7%
None 53.2%
Annual Household Income

Under $25,000 18.3%
$25,000 - $49,999 29.8%
$50,000 - $75,000 17.1%
$75,000 - $99,999 12.6%
Over $100,000 22.7%
8.2% of US consumers state they have no health insurance coverage. For those who do, primary coverage is provided through an HMO or PPO insurance plan (45%)
Paying for Healthcare Expenses
Growing Incidence of Uninsured Americans
Reasons for
Having No Health
Insurance Coverage
Of the 25.5% who lost a job due to the economy, nearly one-half (48.5%) also lost or reduced their health insurance coverage
The Economy's Effect
well. . .

. . . do consumers "know"
their local hospitals?
Awareness of Best Hospitals
for Specific Medical Services
The percentage of consumers who
have recommended their preferred hospital to others is
74% of all households said someone in their home received a healthcare service (of any kind) in the past two years.
Utilization of Healthcare Services
Physician Relationships
Utilization of Specialists
Advertisements? Internet? Newsletters? Magazines? Call-In Services?
How Consumers Hear
About Healthcare Services

How Will
Healthcare Reform

Consumers' Feelings on Whether or Not
Healthcare Reform will Benefit Them
email us at info@prconline.com

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