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Coaching and Mentoring at GAIN

No description

Charlotte Cadoux

on 20 January 2015

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Transcript of Coaching and Mentoring at GAIN

Why to do it?

Have more effective conversations
Feel more confident
Reinforce well being within the team and the organization
Improve our Performance

Claire Pedrick- 3dCoaching
Program and Timeline
Our conversations are simple and effective:
o Ensure that every conversation has a purpose
o Great beginnings to great conversations
o Using conversations to enhance a learning environment
o Ending well
o Using a coaching container in tell cultures
o Ongoing development as people embed newly learned skills

Our Coach
1 week Feb ‘15

1 week March ‘15

Mid April ‘15

Mid May ‘15

Mid June ‘15

5 Sessions
90 Minutes per sessions

Starting Well


High challenge conversations


Ending well

Every pair will coach each other!
Discussion and feedback with Claire.
15 minutes each

Development techniques based on the use of one-to-one discussions to enhance an individual’s skills, knowledge or work performance.
What is it?
Show us very basic principles of coaching and mentoring
Provide the right tools to have more effective conversations!
She will:
To improve our way of COMMUNICATING and giving FEEDBACK
What is your role as a Coaching ambassaodor?
To attend and make the most of the coaching sessions
To Share your thoughts and give feedback
To apply and help spreading to all staff what you have learned

To enjoy this experience!!

Nicki Lyons and Steve Godfrey
Ravi Menon and Agnes Mallipu
John Barbour and Valerie Schuster
Umma Liza and Nirvana Mutjaba
Herbert Smorenburg and Marjan Boonzaaijer
Dan Haswell and Enock Musinguzi
Debashish Chanda, Mushfiqur Rahman and Md Moniruzzaman
Pairs / Triplet
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