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Omars Blacksmith shop

Blacksmith shop in pioneer time

cheryl manley

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of Omars Blacksmith shop

Omar's Blacksmith Shop. Inside of a blacksmith shop BlackSmith Omar. S Hook Some of the important tools they made were hammers. The Blacksmith also made hooks to hang pots and pans. inside a blacksmith shop The Blacksmith was very important in the Pioneers time. The blacksmith made things made out of iron which are black and that is why he is called a blacksmith. One of the things that the Blacksmith made were horseshoes. Another important tool the blacksmith used was a forge. The inside of a blacksmith shop was very hot and filled with lots of smoke. It was also very loud because of the tools making noise. Glossery Materials The Blacksmith also used bellows to keep the fire going. They stepped on the bellow to keep the fire going. Some of the tools that the Blacksmith made were anvils and hammers. Bellow Horseshoe bellow Blacksmith uses the bellow to keep the fire going anvile a tool that looks like a block made of steel to bang another steel on forge is used by the blacksmith to heat a piece of metal so it will bend easily into another shape Horseshoe is made from metal to protect the horses feet 1. plasticine
2. lego people
3. cardboard paper
4. shoebox
5. lego shovel
6. toy stool
7. toy table
8. toy grass
9. toy fence
10. popsical sticks 11. lego horse
12. lego fire thoughts I Learned how the Blacksmith used the bellow I Learned how the Blacksmith made a horseshoe I Learned how the Blacksmith used the anvil I Learned how the Blacksmith used S hooks to hold pots and pans. I learned how the blacksmith used horseshoes. I Learned how the Blacksmith used a hammer My presentation is on the importance of a Blacksmiths shop. The Blacksmiths shop was a simple
place with large doors to bring the
horses inside. The horses were very important in the pioneer times since they were the only way of travel for the pioneers. Pioneer Horses S Hook is shaped like an S and is used to
hang pots and pans
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