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nathan french

on 16 June 2009

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Transcript of navigators

Navigators A year long experiential mentoring group
for at-risk students Targeting 5th and 6th graders Build positive ego and cognitive structures
in young people who might have significant
negative ego and cognitive stuctures. Would you be surprised
to learn that there are 6th graders
that have never gone on a field trip
because of their behavior??
positve choices
in three paradigms Self, Others and Community 25 half hour group sessions
3 half day community based excursions
Choke integration and reinforcement on campus
and in the classroom 14 schools have particpated
120 kids Covertly.... trying......
to eliminate rivalries across schools Huh??? What??? He'eia Fishpond MCBH GLO #2 (Community Contributor- The understanding that it is essential for human beings to work together)
GLO #3 (Complex Thinker- The ability to demonstrate critical thinking and problem solving)
GLO #5 (Effective Communicator- The ability to communicate effectively)
Community 200 letters to deployed soldiers

collected donations and
created 200 care packages
for soldiers Thanks to you!!
Thanks to BHS and Counselors
& Community Partners better @
gearing to our young ladies
pre/post data Kualoa Beach Park
End of Year Excursion Evidence based?

mentoring models
experiential group
cognitive behavioral

Tony Alvarez
Gary Stauffer
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