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Week Six - Year One

No description

Teran Pederson

on 17 February 2016

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Transcript of Week Six - Year One

Warm-Up: 02.16.16
Respond to the following prompts in your notebooks using complete sentences.
If you were to submit an opinion column to the Star Tribune, or another news source, what would you write about?

Would you be writing to praise, criticize, or explain this issue?
Conventions of an Editorial
intro, body, and conclusion
are the opinion of the NEWSPAPER, not of an individual author
explain the opinions from both viewpoints of the topic
are written in a professional manner
take a proactive approach to improving a situation or topic
have a powerful conclusion summarizing the newspaper's opinions
Conventions of an Opinion Column
Opinion Columns:
do not have a set format
are the opinion of an individual
are submitted to the newspaper
express only one viewpoint and generally do not acknowledge the other
can be disrespectful or hurtful
may or may not provide a solution to the issue discussed
written in the first person ("I")
Structure of an Editorial
I. Introduction: includes an unbiased explanation of
controversy or topic

II. Body includes 1+ paragraphs with:
the opinion with which the writer disagrees
an explanation of why this position is incorrect
reasons why the writer's opinion is correct

III. Conclusion including solutions to the topic or
Opinion Column Defining Characteristics
Even though opinion columns don’t have a set format, they have six possible defining characteristics:
Editorials aim to...
Learning Target
I can examine and identify the conventions of editorials and opinion columns.
I can emulate the stylistic devices of either an opinion column or an editorial.
Explain or interpret:
explain or interpret controversial subjects.
constructively criticize while providing solutions to the problem.
persuade readers to take a particular stance or specific, positive action.
Commend people and organizations for something done well.
Opinion Column/Editorial Activity
Read the editorial or opinion column assigned to you and your partner.

Access these on my website under the "Materials" sections of Feb 16th.

Respond to the questions and prompts on your handout using complete sentences.
Warm-Up: Free Write
Genre Study 2: Editorials & Opinion Columns
Call to action
Hard Facts

Homework Reminders

Bring in completed analysis of editorial/opinion column
Read pages 127-170 of Zeitoun
Warm-Up: 02.17.16
Take out your practice ACT English test to be stamped for completion!
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