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Nick Nitta

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Modernism

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Disillusionment in Characters
-Modernists depicted characters as confused and uncertain. Endings were not clearly put and the reader was left with the responsibility to infer their own ending.
Poetry Illustrates Uncertainty
Ezra Pound depicts modernism in his poems that seem unclear with a unresolved ending. Being an Imagist, Pound wanted to make sure novelty was in his forms, techniques, and poetry.
Robert Frost
The Harlem Renaissance
"Negro life is seizing its first chances for group expression and self determination," wrote Alain Locke, who also called this period "the center of a spiritual coming of age". Finally, African American artist could have a chance to express their arts along side other artist and have there works be taken seriously.
Caused by World War I
All modernists shared a common purpose
In contrast to Romanticism

New Ideas were created,
after the war. World War I left
the people with uncertainty
and disillusionment.
The twentieth-century
needed a
whole new thought
All modernist
to capture essence
of modern life in
the form and
content of
their work.
Modernism focused less on nature like Romanticism, and more on inner self and consciousness.
Imagism was the start of modernism
Writers began to rebel against the sentimentality of the nineteenth century and started creating influential writing that better suited the twentieth century.
"Through the spare, clean presentation of an image, the Imagists hoped to freeze a single moment in time and capture the emotions of that moment."
Our Town
In the play,
Our Town
, the character, Emily, found herself in a modernist moment when she suddenly died during childbirth. She was thought to live happily ever after with her new husband, George, and her child.
"Sophistication" is a perfect model of modernism. George shows numerous
signs of uncertainty. "He wants most
of all, understanding." He is confronted
with loneliness. "George felt utterly
lonely and dejected that he wanted to
weep but pride made him walk rapidly
along, swinging his arms."
"A Rose For Emily"
Main characteristics of Modernism are individuality and alienation, which "A Rose for Emily" depicts greatly. Emily Grierson truly was an individualist, as she did whatever she wanted. (She didn't pay taxes, kept her father's body, and got away with the murder of Homer Barron) Emily alienated herself as well. She hardly went out of her house.
In Another Country
The major was caught in modernism in the story. Throughout the beginning, the major and the three other soldiers were striving to heal and restore their bodies after the war. Every afternoon the soldiers would go to the hospital to be treated by a mysterious machine. This can be connected with the recovery the world began to undergo after the world wars. Suddenly, the nature of modernism twisted the story and the majors wife died leaving the major looking out
of a lonesome window ignoring all
hopes of recovery.
The River-Merchants Wife: A Letter
he speaker of this poem illustrates a time line of the events her and her husband shared together. Beginning as a happy child playing with a boy at the front gate, she suddenly turned solemn and "never laughed, being bashful." As the poem continues her love for her husband grows, but of course, the poor girl experiences disillusionment. her husband is missing and she asks him, " If you are coming down through the narrows of the river Kiang, please let me know beforehand, and
I will come out to meet you as far
as Cho-fu-sa."
The Great Figure
"The Great Figure" is a great representation of Imagism. It does a great job at illustrating one moment in time by describing the chaos around him, and still keep the focus on the figure itself.
In a Station of the Metro
This is an example of one of Frost's pastoral writings. This new writing stye is part of modernism. The natural setting of the birches "bend[ing] to left and right" and other descriptions of nature are perfect examples of pastoral poetry.
Mending Wall
Mending Wall is a poem against building walls. "Before I built a wall I'd ask what I was walling in or walling out, / and whom I was like to give offense ." Of course being modern, the meaning can be a little difficult to figure out and there is no real ending; the reading has to make their own conclusion. The poem is basically a debate against the right to build walls which the person debating with the speaker says, "Good fences make good neighbors."
The Negro Speaks of Rivers
I, Too
"I, Too" by Langston Hughes was a direct response to Walt Whitman's "I Hear America Singing". It shows the darker half of America (no pun intended) that the public hasn't experienced yet. It's also got a slight rebellious tone in the sense that it wants to see the light of day.
Dream Variations
In Conclusion
Modernism was a major leap from the traditional style of writing that if it hadn't existed, we might not have the same taste in literature as we do today!
Literary Period Terms
- a feeling of disappointment resulting from the discovery that something is not as good as one believed it to be.
- not able to be relied on; not known or definite.
Literary Period Terms
- he quality or character of a particular person or thing that distinguishes them from others of the same kind, esp. when strongly marked.
- the state or experience of being isolated from a group or an activity to which one should belong or in which one should be involved.
Literary Period Terms
- Uncertainty or inexactness of meaning in language.
Though there is not very much physically to this poem, it does have some meaning. Ezra Pound was describing "the faces in the crowd' at the metro station and comparing them to "petals on a wet black bough" or flower petals on a tree branch. He also uses the noun "apparitions" with the faces to describe the faces as appearing, probably, suddenly, disappearing and reappearing just a quick. Ezra Pound is using Imagism by forcing the reader to use their imagination to visualize what he is seeing. For example, it is can be thought that Pound was looking at the group in the station from a reflection of a puddle on the ground, taking the wet of the boughs literally and the petals as smeared faces in the reflection that appear and disappear.
- Poems that deal with rural settings
Iambic Pentameter
- Consists of a line ten syllables long that is accented on every second beat
Blank Verse
- Verse consisting of unrhymed lines of iambic pentameter
It allows Langston to express his opinion on the restrictions placed on Negros. He displays all the dreams that black kids have, but can't do because of racism and the color of their skins.
This poem is Hughes' first great poem; he wrote it as a senior in high school. In this poem, Hughes describes the experience that blacks went through, and with that, it helped them grow more knowledgeable and expand their soul as being "deep like the rivers".
Robert Frost contributes to modernism by contributes to modernism with blank verse and pastoral poems. He is very “Thoreau-like” in his writing but still contains uniqueness by refraining. Though he spent most of his life in big cities his writing mostly consist of a natural New England landscape. He participates in modernism by his thoughts of disillusionment seen in his poetry. “I’d like to get away from the earth and then come back to it and begin over,” his pessimistic writing easily fits in with modernism. He looks at life closer and finds it is not what he thought it was.
What are main Characteristics of Modernism?
How is Imagism different from Modernism?
How is Frost unique from other Modernists?
What is the main focus of the Harlem Renaissance?
How does the Harlem Renaissance help Africans Americans find a place in America?
They sought to capture the essence of modern life in both the form and content of their work. To reflect fragmentation of the modern world, the modernist constructed their works out of fragments, ommiting the expositions, transitions, resolutions, and explanations used in traditional literature
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