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What Is The Elevator Game?

No description


on 6 April 2017

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Transcript of What Is The Elevator Game?

What Is The Elevator Game?
The Elevator Game is an urban legand ritual game from Korea portrayed to allow the player to access another world using an elevator. Supposedly, in order to do this, you must complete a set of steps EXACTLY how they are described.
How It Works
1. You must enter a building with AT LEAST 10 floors, then get on the first floor elevator ALONE.
2. Press the 4th floor button.
3. Once you reach the 4th floor, press the 2nd floor's button.
4. Once you reach the 2nd floor, press the 6th floor button
5. When you reach the 6th floor, go to the 2nd floor.
6. When you reach the 2nd floor, press the button for the 10th floor.
7. Once you reach the 10th floor, press the button for the 5th floor
8. When you reach the 5th floor, a young woman may enter the elevator. Do not look at her; do not speak to her. She is not what she seems.
9. Press the button for the 1st floor. If the elevator begins ascending to the 10th floor instead of the 1st floor, you may proceed. If the elevator descends to the 1st floor, exit as soon as the doors open. Do not look back. Do not speak.
The Elevator Game
The Elevator Game Explained
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