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No description

Harjas Mann

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Honda

Honda By: Harjas and Skye When did Honda start? Soichiro Honda Soichiro Honda Biography The Last Year Soichiro Honda Honda Achievements Honda Soichiro Biography Ads Over The Decades Honda started September 24th 1948 and was created by Soichiro Honda. Soichiro Honda was a Japanese engineer and industrialist, and founder of Honda. Honda was not interested in traditional education, his school handed grade reports to the children, but required that it will be returned stamped with the family seal, to make sure that a parent had seen it. Soichiro created a stamp to forge his family seal out of an used rubber bicycle pedal cover. The fraud was soon discovered when Honda started to make forged stamps for other children. Honda did not realize that the stamp had to be mirror-imaged. His family name was symmetrical when written vertically, so it did not cause a problem, but some of other children's family names were not. Soichiro Honda died on August 5, 1991 of liver failure. Honda surpassed Nissan in 2001 to become the second-largest Japanese automobile manufacturer. As of August 2008, Honda surpassed Chrysler as the fourth largest automobile manufacturer in the United States. Honda was the seventh largest automobile manufacturer in the world behind Toyota, General Motors, Volkswagen AG, Hyundai Motor Group, Ford, and Nissan in 2010. Honda was born in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan on November 17, 1906. He spent his early childhood helping his father, Gihei, a blacksmith, with his bicycle repair business. Rest in Peace The Power Of Dreams 1995 2012 Radio Ads 1995 2012 Difference The difference in 1995 Honda commercial and 2012 Honda commercial is that in 1995 they gave good reasons why you should buy the Honda car like:
Something to count on
High Quality
Easy to maintain
and in 2012 they just tell you it is a cool car. Difference in Radio Ads The difference in the radio ads from 1995 to 2012 is that in 2012 they tell you what is good about the car and in 1995 they sing a jingle to tell you what is good. Print ads 2013 1995 Difference in Print Ads The Difference in the print ads is that in 2013 it is written "Showered with Praise" that means that its a good quality car to buy and in 1995 the print ads target is the baby boomers so people need minivan and so that was their biggest seller. What to expect in 2014? 2014 2014 Honda Civic Credits Google Youtube Wikipedia Honda's Official Website By: Skye and Harjas Audience Target The audience target was baby boomers and now they are adults because kids don't drive and adults are only people in the ads too. The End!!! In 2014, the speed of the cars are going to be fast and it is going to have better features and also they are going to look way more cooler then 2013's.
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