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Exam Practice

No description

Fergie Ferg

on 10 July 2018

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Transcript of Exam Practice

Exam Practice
1. How long is the exam?
2. How long do you spend watching/making notes on the unseen texts?
3. How long do you spend answering the section A questions?
4. How long do you spend answering the 8 mark question?
5. How long do you spend answering the 12 mark questions?
6. How many marks is the case study question?
7. How many case study questions will you have to choose from?
8. How long do you have to answer the case study question?
9. Which questions want you to discuss the unseen texts?
Choose two texts
They need to:
Have contemporary relevance
Have something in common or be directly opposing in some way

They can be:
Create 3 questions for your texts
1 - 8 marks/based around key concepts MIGRAIN

2 - 12 marks/ there should be a point of debate/you can refer to the unseen texts and other examples

3 - 12 marks/ think about institutions and context/SOCIAL, POLITICAL, ECONOMIC
Swap your questions
Write a paragraph to answer question 1 in your book.
Colour Code your paragraph
Point answering the question
Example from the text
Media Theory
Media terminology
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