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Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster

Whitney Research Project

Kedi Hu

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster

Health Effects Political & Social Impact Causes Environmental & Health Effects General
Info > Thyroid Cancer: in children (from drinking radioactive iodine-contaminated milk)
> Mortality: 28 deaths from Acute Radiation Sickness (ARS)
> Potential Increase in: Leukemia, Cataracts, Cardiovascular Disease
> Mental Health Declines
causes: relocation of people, economic instability, long-term health threats
effects: worry, confusion, lack of physical and emotional well-being, stress/anxiety The Product THE EFFECTS Immediate: Chernobyl > Cleanup Costs:
Belarus: $13 Billion
Ukraine: 5-7% of gov. spending each year
--> huge burden on national budgets
> Agriculture:
ruined crops - initially highest source of income
farmers paid the least
> Decreases in: entrepreneurship, modern industry, trade
> Increases in: relocation and unemployment ECONOMY The world is shaken by...
a nuclear accident that occurred in the Unit #4 reactor of the Chernobyl plant - Ukraine, Republic of USSR April 26th, 1986 flawed reactor
poorly-trained personnel The Causes Nuclear
Disaster Resources The Personnel... [Plant Operator]

Well, the Scientists are only conducting a highly risky experiment...LALALALALA
*Ignores Instructions* THE REACTOR... " The plant was not properly designed, and could only be run with very specific instructions. The operators of the plant failed to properly follow these instructions, and some scientists conducted a highly risky experiment that led to the explosion...The scientists decided to conduct the experiment, and had to remove safety and cooling equipment in order to do so...Eventually, pressure on the reactor's roof blew it away. Everything inside, including molten uranium, burning graphite, and radioactive ashes were emitted into the atmosphere." (ThinkQuest) Well, I'm already dysfunctional, I might as well blow up.
*roof blows away*
*emits molten uranium, burning graphite, and radioactive ashes into the atmosphere* 2 deaths on the night of the accident > released into the air for 10 days

> harmful material carried by dust, debris, & wind

> Belarus, Ukraine, Russia ENVIRONMENTAL EFFECTS
spread of radioactive substances POLITICAL IMPACT - USSR Dissolves CAUSES
> Chernobyl accident - shows consequences of Cold War isolation & lack of safety measures in USSR
> high cleanup costs - cripple region's economy
> evacuation - people don't feel adjusted, don't "fit in", rejection of "exposed people"
> health concerns - civilians do not trust the government's "official information"

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