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Martin Luther King Jr.

No description

Bianka Dunn

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr.
Who is Martin Luther King Jr.?

Was born January 15, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia.
Died in Memphis, Tennessee April 04, 1968
Originally named Michael King Junior
Martin Luther's job was both a Baptist minister and an civil rights activists.
Played a leading role against ending segregation in South America and in many areas across the nation.
Created his famous "I Have a Dream" speech in 1963
Created the Civil Rights Act 1964 and Voting Rights Act in 1965.
Also won an Noble Piece Prize in 1964 followed by others.
Martin Luther King Junior was an inspiring leader. He was the middle child of Micheal King Sr, and Alberta Williams King. Martin has accomplished goals in his years of living that he didn't even think of accomplishing throughout the process . Even though we remembered him to be successful he also had a hard past to cope with. He grew up in a family with very little money, and at the age of 12 his grandmother Jennie pasted away and it was hard for him to accept which led him to attempt suicide. With very little to wealth , it didn't let that stop him from getting an amazing education. King Jr. has skipped the ninth and eleventh grade and entered Morehouse college at the age of 15. He was known as the "popular student". Later on in 1954, Martin became pastor of the Dextor Avenue Baptist church in Montgomery, Alabama.
Key Qualities
Martin Luther King Jr showed determination by his acts against society. And how he wanted to put an end to racial profiling.
: Martin finished his academics with a BA degree, also graduated Boston University, the same university both of his parents graduated from.
Martin tried multiple attempts to what he wanted to achieve. After one try he didn't give up, he kept going even when things weren't going as planned at first.
It took a lot of courage for Martin Luther King to stand in front of thousands, even millions trying to proclaim his dream. And to make a change to society.
Actions and Impacts
Martin Luther King wanted the best for race. He started off joining National Association for the Advancement of Colored people. After joining that organization, it encouraged Martin to branch out and join others. This all led up to him going on public speaking journeys and expressing to millions around the US what it's like to be equal and accepted. Eventually he got the rights passed for all to ride the bus as an equal. This was only a start to Martins journey until his assassination in Memphis, Tennessee.
Ultimate Leader
Martin Luther King Junior should be voted Ultimate Leader from all the obstacles he faced throughout his life. He grew up wanting a change and he didn't change his mind throughout the process. Martin also made enough of a change to be recognized in the national Black History Month. His demonstrations to others allowed African Americans to walk freely in the streets of their towns without being criticized. His "I Have A Dream" speech opened the eyes of others, and helped changed the world today.
By: Bianka. Dunn
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