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Geography Project

Hannah Payumo

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Pollution

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
Our Earth
It looks nice from up here.
But the problems are skin deep.
We're polluting the air we breathe.
Every moment, of everyday.
What causes it?
Some causes of air pollution are:
-Burning fossil fuels to heat our homes and run cars
-Burning wood
-Incinerating garbage
-Ammonia from livestock wastes and fertilizers
When we do these things, we release pollutants into the air which is not only bad for our health, but can wreak havoc on our environment.
Pollution Stats
- CO2 pollution from cars and trucks from the USA alone is about 1 million tons per day.
- Breathing in the air from Mumbai is equal to smoking 2 1/2 packs of cigarettes per day. Some parts of China are equal to 2 packs.
Where does all of this pollution come from?

1. China
2. USA
3. India
4. Russia
5. Japan
6. Germany
7. Iran
8. Korea
10. Saudi Arabia
Canada polluted an estimated 518,475,000 metric tonnes of CO2 in 2010.
The the thing that these countries have in common is that they're high in population, but low on
Why are these places so polluted?
What effect does air pollution have on the environment?
But, the USA polluted 5,412,170,000 metric tonnes.
What can we,

do to help?
Drive Less!
Why should we care?
What is where?
Why there?
When we do things like run cars, particulate matter (tiny, little particles varying in size and chemical composition) pollute the air.
That particulate matter changes the weather.

This is how we get acid rain, and smog.
Acid rain causes elements like mercury and aluminum to be leeched up from the soil, and eventually end up in lakes or rivers. Fish have actually gotten mercury poisoning because of this.
Smog, and air pollution in general can cause people to have respiratory problems; like asthma.
Imagine what this does to birds.
Bike! Walk! Skateboard! Rollerblade! Unicycle!
So there's less garbage to incinerate!
It's the little things that everyone does that make the difference.
And doing those things can make sure that we protect....
Pretty isn't it?
Presented by Hannah Payumo
Cool story bro. Tell it again.
We're the exception. We have a lower population, but still managed to make the list.
the average Canadians,
The top 10 worst offenders in the world are:
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