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How were the Axis powers defeated ?

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Nona Mostafa

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of How were the Axis powers defeated ?

Who were the Axis Powers? The Axis Powers were the three main belligerents in World War 2 And finally how
were the Allies able to defeat Japan Fall of Japan Fall of Germany Let me tell you how did
the Allies defeat each country
of the Axis Powers Fall of Italy How were the Axis Powers defeated ? Italy Japan Germany The Axis Powers were defeated by the Allies. The main
reason for the destruction of the Axis was that the Allies dedicated themselves to total war. Total war means nations devote all of their resources towards war efforts. The Allies defeated Germany by the US and Britain sitting back and letting the Soviet Union do all the really bloody work. For much of the war, the US and Britain were only really fighting German in the air and on the sea. During that time, the Russians were losing huge numbers of men fighting Germany on the ground and weakening Germany considerably. The Western Allies put some pressure on Germany by invading Northern Africa and then Italy, but the main ground fighting was still on the Eastern Front. When D-Day came, Germany was finally forced to fight a two front war and quickly lost. So the strategy was for the US and Britain to attack Germany's industrial capacity while the US built up the Allied arsenal. As they did this, the Soviets did most of the fighting and dying. When the arsenal was built up enough, the Western Allies invaded Europe and dealt the death blow to Germany. Done By : The 'Axis' goals were to achieve vast expansion through aggressive warfare. They promised to fight against Communism and never interfere with each other's foreign takeovers. They fought against the Allied powers (chiefly the US, France, Britain, and the Soviet Union) in World War 2. There was an armistice with Italy which was an armistice instigated and approved by King Victor Emanuel III and signed between the King and the Allies. Following the surrender of the Axis Powers in North Africa on 13 May 1943, the Allies bombed Rome first on May 16, invaded Sicily on July 10 and began to land on the Italian mainland on September 3, 1943. In the spring of 1943, preoccupied by the disastrous situation of the Italian military in the war, Italian dictator Benito Mussolini removed from their positions in the Italian government several figures whom he considered to be more faithful to King Victor Emmanuel than to the Fascist regime. These moves by Mussolini were described as slightly hostile acts to the king, who had been growing increasingly critical of the poor conduct of Italy in the conflict. Therefore, the king decided to dismiss Mussolini as a Prime Minister, arrest him, and spirit him off to Ponza. Meanwhile, Hitler sent several divisions south of the Alps, officially to protect Italy from allied landings but in reality to control the country. Japan was defeated long before the atomic bombs (incidentally, developed by a team of Allied scientists including several ex-Germans and at least one Italian) were dropped. Japan surrendered short after the atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Japan's manufacturing base had always been small, and by 1945 it was starved of resources (including fuel) as the Merchant Marine had been virtually wiped out. Many of its cities had been flattened by conventional bombing, too. In fact Hiroshima and Nagasaki had been largely left alone due to their relatively low strategic importance. 11-A Noha Mostafa World War II
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