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The Chicken war

Everything chickens!(not really)

Texas History3

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of The Chicken war

The Chicken war It's awesome The Chicken war NO,NO,NO ... not this kind...
The event known as the Chicken War of 1719 was not a war at all. It wasn't even what could be called a skirmish. It was an obscure event in an ongoing struggle for control by two great world powers in the New World.

Read more: About the Chicken War of 1719 | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/about_4566067_chicken-war.html#ixzz297K2IhVp War breaks out in Europe between France and Spain. This situation first becomes known to the Spanish in east Texas later that year when seven French soldiers from the Natchitoches post "attack" the Spanish mission in an amusing incident that has come to be known as the Chicken War. The French arrived unexpectedly and quickly captured the only Spanish soldier then present and began confiscating livestock and articles from the mission. The confrontation was part of the larger struggle known as the War of the Quadruple Alliance, but it provided the sort of comic material that would provide an amusing tale for Texans to tell hundreds of years later. Flapping chickens caused the French Lieutenant in charge of the raid to be thrown from his horse, allowing the lone Spanish lay brother then at the mission to escape and make his way to Mission Dolores. The news of the attack (and the war in Europe) cause the Spanish in east Texas to again abandon their east Texas missions and Presidio Dolores and retreat to San Antonio de Béxar So that's pretty much
the Chicken war. Here's a map! So what made the french
lieutenant fall off his horse? A: flapping chickens Is the chicken war a real war? A:NO This has been a prezi made and approved by Max Folden. Websites used:
tshaonline.org BYE BYE NOW! This dude is waiting at your house,
Have a great day.
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