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The Lionfish

No description

Christina Wellen

on 5 May 2015

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Transcript of The Lionfish

The Lionfish
What's for lunch?!?
The Jail Break

There are over fifty different species of lionfish!
The Family Bubble
It's normally found in the warmer waters of the South Pacific and Indian Oceans.
Lionfish enjoy a variety of small fish and crustaceans that dwell among the coral reefs.
The lionfish is an exotic-looking, deadly fish.
The lionfish is an extremely invasive species. A female can lay up to twenty million eggs a year!
It hunts by injecting its prey with poisonous venom.
Cute and Cuddly???
Fun Facts!!!
In 1992, Hurricane Andrew wiped out most of Florida, destroying everything, including an aquariam near Biscayne Bay. They then escaped into the Florida waters.
All lionfish have eighteen spikes.
The size of a lionfish can range from two to sixteen inches in length. It also has an average of about one to two pounds.
Fun Facts:
This is the spotfin lionfish,
or the broadbarred firefish.
It's scientific name is
This is the Frillfin Turkey Fish.
This is called the Red Lionfish
Its scientific name is
The scientific name is
The frillfin turkeyfish lives in the soft-bottomed areas of the ocean.
This is the clearfin lionfish
Its scientific name is
Other kn
n names for the clearfin
nfish include the tailb
, and the radial lionfish
By: Christina Wellen
and Arthur Hays
Lionfish venom
is extremely
In humans, lionfish toxin causes nausea, swelling and excruciating pain. These factors can lead to death. However, one can avoid these nasty effects by not touching the fish's spines.
I will kill you!
The spotfin lionfish hunts shrimp and crabs.
A. Dorsal Fin Spines
B. Dorsal Fin
C. Caudal Fin
D. Anal Fin
E. Pelvic Fin
F. Antennae
G.Pectoral Fin
H. Lateral Line
Lionfish Anatomy
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