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No description

jonnia torres

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of Pronunciation

What is Communication? English Pronunciation in Use The exchange of information Gestures Writing Speech What is language? The use of symbols to convey meaning a set of rules for combining words and sounds
to be understood by a community What is speech? refers to oral, verbal communication the communication mode in which
exchange of information takes place through
speaking or talking What is Phonetics?

the description of speech sounds
according to their production,
transmission and perceptual
features The study of speech What are the articulators? NASAL CAVITY Lips: Labials Teeth: Dentals Alveolar ridge: Alveolars Alveopalatal Palate: Palatals Velum:Velars Uvula: Uvulars Glottis: Glottal
Pharynx: Pharyngeals Tip Blade Body Back Root ORAL CAVITY Consonant Vowel (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr /s, k, f, d, t / / a, e, i, o, u /
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