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Physical and Digital Footprint

No description

Robbie Grimes

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Physical and Digital Footprint

Do Your Footprints Stink?
90% of employers report that they do online research of potential job candidates
70% of those employers say they have chosen not to hire someone based solely on what they found online
Do Employers Look Online?
What Employers Search For...

False information on resume
Poor communication/writing skills (think about your spelling and grammar online)
Inappropriate/discriminatory posts/comments
Drinking and drug use
Inappropriate photos
Negative posts about previous employers/schools
Good communication skills
Awards, previous work experience, good references
Evidence of qualifications listed on resume
Improve Your Digital Footprint!
Be aware of CYBERTWINS!
Build a Positive
Digital Footprint
Nikhil Goyal: https://www.facebook.com/ngoyal
Consider everything... speling, grammer, and email @ddress, and voicemail me55ages, and URLs, etc.
What were some of the messages that stood out to you in this video? Can you relate to Abbas? Why or why not?
What types of online information would help present the most positive image of you?
What's your DIGITAL footprint look like?
An example of how a positive digital footprint can affect your college and career future:
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