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China's Invention: The Wheelbarrow

About the Wheelbarrow's history.

Alexa Kolesiak

on 2 February 2014

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Transcript of China's Invention: The Wheelbarrow

The Ancient China Wheelbarrow
Inventor: Chuko Liang
When was it Invented: Time of Han Dynasty
Year Invented: Around 200 A.D.

It came into use when the soldiers in Liang's army had to transport supplies to other soldiers. They also sometimes had to remove badly injured or dead soldiers from the battlefield. Liang had to figure out a way to do that, and he came up with the wheelbarrow.
He decided to design it the way he did because it was easy to unload and had greater control over unloading it.
How and why it came to use
The Chinese wheelbarrows sometimes had two wheels and required two men to propel and steer. But most of the time it had one big wheel in the center. It was designed with one wheel, so it could turn very easily.
How it worked

. . . all used the wheelbarrow!
Who Benefited from it and how it was used
The wheelbarrow had a very big impact on China and many other countries. Although it has changed a lot in history, it still helps us with the basic things in life. It helps carry things too heavy for humans to carry, transporting supplies from one place to another, and benefits us greatly in war.
Impact on the World and Future Developments
When the wheelbarrow started out, China tried to drive it with wind power, but the idea didn't work because you couldn't control where it went so they decided to just use human and animal power.

The wheelbarrow was mainly used for carrying goods and supplies, transportation, and military purposes.

China decided to keep the wheelbarrow secret for many years.
Extra Facts
The wheelbarrow being used with wind power.
Extra Facts Pictures
China's Invention: The Wheelbarrow
By: Alexa Kolesiak

They also had fun with it!
Ways the wheelbarrow was used.
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