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No description

gs students

on 10 November 2015

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Transcript of Turkey

products produced
Turkey has lots of productes they produce. Turks make products like planes, cars , textiles, and electronics then they export all of thies goods.
Turkey has great land for farming. It has flat rolling hills or plains it is warm during the summer so it is perfect for farming. It gets a reasonabl amont of rain so crops can grow.
Turkey has a thriving economy. They produce many kinds of goods like cloths, shoes , and electronics. Turkey also has a booming farming industry because of turkeys geography.
Turkey has 2 major religions muslims and jews . People think muslims are all terrorists, but they are not. Some muslims are good like you and me . So this does not make turkey bad because it has muslims.
Natural resorses
Turkey is ritch in resorses like coal for power. Also they have copper and gold for wires and money, and iron for tools and mettle.
Turkey has a democratic goverment . The U.S.A. has a democratic govermet like Turkey so the way our goverments work are the same.
Turkey has the perfect geography for farming . Turks grow crops such as cotter, grain and tabaco. Turks export most of thies crops but they keep some around the country.
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