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The Contender Leadership Analysis

No description

Lauren Mucci

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of The Contender Leadership Analysis

The Leader
The Follower
Takes place at the end of the 20th Century

Political power was at a virtual 50/50 politcal split

Democratic President was looking for opportunity to end his term on a positive note by selecting a capable Vice President.

Republicans vowed to dirty her name and block her confirmation

The American people saw political instability

Transformational leadership emerges…
Hanson had a vision of a better tomorrow where integrity, decency, and humanity would return
President Evans speech was a testament of confluence and his support was transformational

The Situation
The Confluence

The Contender is a political drama in the year 2000.

Focuses on the nomination of a Vice President after the current VP is found dead.

Addresses political and social issues that were prevalent at the time of it’s release.

Women’s role in politics and leadership
Partisan struggle for dominance in Washington D.C.
Women’s rights and struggle for equality

-Transformation leadership dyad consisting of President Evans and Hanson.
-Gender differences played a role in leadership styles and behaviors

President Evans
Displayed humor, open-mindedness and empathy

Individual consideration – employed empathetic listening.

Carefully considered Hanson’s needs and made sacrifices

Final speech had a blend on idealized influence and inspiration motivation.

Transactional Leadership using Linear thinking pattern

Displayed courage, bravery, kindness and prudence

Idealized Influence – kind yet assertive in her

Individual consideration and intellectual stimulation was demonstrated.

Inspiration motivation – reputation and nomination were at stake she did not let this defeat her or define her

web pattern thinking

Vice President Elect Hanson
Two Types of followers – visible (government) and invisible (American voters)
National sense of vulnerability among followers -Vice President was found dead
Political Party members persue opportunities to gain personal and political power
Social identity theory -party members attempt to “fit-in” and use tear down tactics if one group of members appear to be the “in-group”

The perfect storm…

The political instability in Washington and Vice President scandal, the vulnerability of the American people, and the emergence of Hanson and President Evans as leaders.

We have analyzed this in a static state through the leadership model
In reality, this is a fluid model
leaders and followers can change as the situation changes
leaders and followers reciprocally mentor each other

What Would You Do?
The Contender Leadership Analysis
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