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Wes Baird

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Asatru

By: Steven David Altamirano Baird Asatru Basic Beliefs Characteristic Beliefs Holidays Bibliography Underlying, all-pervading divine energy or essence which is generally hidden from us, and which is beyond our immediate understanding.

This spiritual reality is interdependent with us

Underlying divinity expresses itself to us in the forms of the Gods and Goddesses.

Stories about these deities are like a sort of code, the mysterious "language" through which the divine reality speaks to us.

Standards of behavior which are consistent with these spiritual truths and harmonious with our deepest being. "SACRED CALENDER of ASATRU." SACRED CALENDER of ASATRU. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 May 2013.
"The Asatru Alliance Inc." Asatru Alliance. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 May 2013.
We do not need salvation. All we need is the freedom to face our destiny with courage and honor. We are connected to all our ancestors. They are a part of us. We in turn will be a part of our descendants. We are also linked to all our living kin - to our families and to every man and woman rooted in the tribes of Europe. They are our "greater family." The world is good. Prosperity is good. Life is good, and we should live it with joy and enthusiasm.We are free to shape our lives to the extent allowed by our skill, courage, and might. There is no predestination, no fatalism, no limitations imposed by the will of any external deity. We are connected to Nature and subject to its laws. The Holy Powers often express themselves in Nature's beauty and might. We believe that morality does not depend on commandments, but rather arises from the dignity and honor of the noble-minded man and woman. We do not fear the Holy Powers, or consider ourselves their slaves. On the contrary, we share community and fellowship with the Divine. The Holy Powers encourage us to grow and advance to higher levels. We honor the Holy Powers under the names given them by our Germanic/Norse ancestors. We practice Asatru by honoring the turning of the seasons, the ancestors, the Divine, and ourselves in everyday life. Asatru is about roots...

It's about connections...

It's about coming Home. Asatru Facts Roughly means "belief in the Gods" Was practiced in the lands that are today Scandinavia, England, Germany, France, the Netherlands, and other countries. Asatru was subjected to a violent campaign of repression over a period of hundreds of years. Countless thousands of people were murdered, maimed, and exiled in the process. The common people did not give up their cherished beliefs easily. Eventually, the monolithic organization of the Christian church, bolstered by threats of economic isolation and assisted by an energetic propaganda campaign, triumphed over the valiant but unsophisticated tribes YULE (JOL) 20th December - January 1st
DISTING (Disablot) 31st January
OSTARA (Ostara) 21st March
MAY EVE (Valpurgis) 30th April
MIDSUMMER (Midsumarblot) 21st June
FREYFEST (Freysblot) 31st July
FALLFEAST (Haustblot) 23rd September
WINTER NIGHTS (Vetrnaetr) 31st October
LESSER FEASTS: Days of Remembrance
Gods? Obviously!
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