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Corporate Public Relations- The Coca-Cola Company

This presentation displays The Coca-Cola Company and its various benefits to the communities in which it operates.

Leah Wilhelmsen

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Corporate Public Relations- The Coca-Cola Company

The Coca-Cola Company
benefiting your community We Love our Employees “we offer you not only the chance to build a successful career -- we offer you an opportunity to make a difference in the world.”
Our compensation and benefits packages are among the best in the world

Developmental opportunities for our associates
Coca-Cola University

Work-Life Balance
Associate training and workshops on time
Flexible work arrangements
Tools and resources to allow work to be done
efficiently and effectively

Open Communication:
Solicits employee opinions
Employee Insights Survey Financial Stability continued improvements in favorite brand scores and growth among consumers
worldwide volume growth of 5%
operating income grew 20%
net revenues grew 33%
We Put Our Customers First Pulled polar bear coke can
After customer confusion: Coke or Diet Coke?
Sent back Brazilian oranges
Traces of fungicide
$6 million lost
Customer Safety Social Responsibility Diversity
Equal access to information, development and

Energy efficiency
Fixing leaks, insulating pipes, reducing pressure and
optimizing temperature to minimize energy waste
Investments in efficient lighting, compressor
optimization, heat recovery, renewable energy
Recycling Plants
Produce bottles from recycled content
Together with WWF: plant-level water
efficiency toolkit

Safe working conditions
The Coca-Cola Safety Management System
Giving Back to the Community HIV/AIDS
The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation
Sponsor high-impact community-focused programs
conducted across the continent
School drop-out prevention

Disaster Relief
Provide assistance during and after natural disasters.
Deliver necessities quickly and to reach communities not easily

Active Healthy Living
Physical activity programs
We WILL Benefit Your Community We will maintain our social responsibility within our company and your community

We will put the customers in your community first
We will support your local economy and provide more jobs

We will give back to your community
Charitable contributions
2002-2010: more than $690 million.
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