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Theatre Safety

No description

Barbara Amberg

on 24 June 2018

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Transcript of Theatre Safety

Theatre Safety
Theatre Safety
Because this class is based on stage using power tools, Safety is my first concern.
ALWAYS wear safety goggles

Fingers should ALWAYS be clear of blades

Never adjust or change bits, blades, or belts with the power tool or machine connected to an electrical
Never stand on top rung

Open on their side then stand up

Face the ladder while ascending and descending.

Clean Up
Fold up tarps and put away

Wash out brushes

Put tools back in cabinet

Wrap and secure cords
Closed toed shoes

Never wear loose clothing of any kind, such as a necktie, gloves, long sleeves or anything else that might get caught in moving parts.
Power Tools
Use the correct tool for the job.

Be sure power cords are not under what ever is being cut.

Do NOT pull the plug from the outlet by yanking on the power cord.

Slow bursts when drilling

Keep hair and loose clothes clear of tools
Saws and Cutting Lumber
Set Up
Each team must work on a tarp to protect the deck

You are responsible for getting your tools, cords and lumber.

Be aware of how long the lumber you are carrying is.

If you hear "HEADS" look out for something falling.

Protective gloves are available if you prefer to wear them.
Any accident should be reported immediately.

First Aid Kit located backstage above the white cabinet
First Aid
Ask how to do something if you are not sure.
be worn with saws or drills.
Do not force the tool or machine to cut at a faster rate than it was designed for.

Do not try and talk to anyone while tool is in motion.

Allow the tool or machine to come to a complete stop before attempting any adjustments.
You must be cleared to be able to use saws
Current Students cleared to cut:
Long hair should be tied back out of the way.

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