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The Water Frame

No description

Melissa Coloma

on 27 June 2015

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Transcript of The Water Frame

The Water Frame
Invented by Richard Arkwright

What is the Water frame used for and how does it work?
The water frame was a a large spinning machine and was used when cloth was only made by hand. The machine made thousands of cotton threads all at once. This machine was invented in 1769 by Englishman Richard Arkwright and used flowing water as its source of power. Even though it may not seem like it, this invention is included in the science category.
Why is it important today?
This creation is no longer active, but still affects us today. This invention led to the creation of factories which are used everyday.
Even though it is in the past, it placed stepping stones and without it, America wouldn't be where it is today.
How is it historical?
This invention has many historical factors. For instance, it was the first important breakthrough of the Industrial revolution. Adding on, it was the only one made in the world. It was also not like usual machines which needed trained operators, but only needed unskilled women. Even though this was long in our past, it is still very important today.
How is it scientific?
The water frame included many different types of energy. It involved hydroelectric energy which is when electricity is made from using moving water. On top of that, it includes kinetic energy which is created by something in motion. Adding on, potential energy or energy stored within an object is also involved. Along with being scientific, history is a major portion of this invention.
By: Melissa Coloma (:
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