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No description

Stanislas Vaf

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of THE PIANO

directed by jane campion
The Piano

Written and directed by Jane Campion
Cast: Holly Hunter as Ada McGrath
Harvey Keitel as George Baines
Anna Paquin as Flora McGrath
Sam Neill as Alisdair Stewart

Introduction to The Piano Movie
1993 New Zealand romantic drama film
Set during the mid-19th century on the west coast of New Zealand.

story of a mute Scotswoman, whose father sold her into marriage to a New Zealand frontiersman. She is shipped off along with her young daughter Flora. Her

new husband, an unwelcoming cold landowner, can't understand her love for the piano so leaves it on the beach. Baines, her husbands assistant takes in the

piano and asks for lessons in return, however they soon begin a passionate affair
Ada McGrath
Mute Pianist
The main character
George Baines
Ada's affair
Alisdair's assistant
A retired sailor who adopted Maori's culture
Ada’s daughter
Main support character
Ada's interpreter.
Flora McGrath
Alisdair Stewart
Plays as main semi antagonist
Ada’s husband
New Zealand frontiersman
Ada and Flora’s :
Old fashioned dress
Birdcage inside the gown
Long-sleeved gown
Hat and Boots

George and Alisdair’s:
Shirt, vest and bottom with suspender.
Black suit and hat

Ada and Flora’s :
Old fashioned dress
Birdcage inside the gown
Long-sleeved gown
Hat and Boots

The Native’s:
Some topless
Filthy clothes


The score for the film was created
by Michael Nyman, and included the acclaimed piece "The Heart Asks Pleasure First"; additional pieces were "Big My Secret", "The Mood That Passes Through You", "Silver Fingered Fling", "Deep Sleep Playing" and "The Attraction Of The Peddling Ankle". This album is rated in the top 100 soundtrack albums of all time and Nyman's work is regarded as a key voice in the film, which has a mute lead character (Entertainment Weekly, 12 October 2001, p. 44).

Christie Gabriella (F13DM0421)
Krisna Aditya (F133D0432)
Stanislas Sergwyn (F13DM0514)
Venysia Fransiska (F133D0540)
Nanyang Academy of Fine Art
Introduction to Visual Arts
Lecture : Sabrina Koh ( Visual Art)
October 1st 2013
Every women in 18th/19th century always use a formal dress even for their daily activities as it was popular in Victoria era. So it gives more polite and elegant looks compared to the clothing. Nowadays.
the way they dress was afflicted by the prestige around that era.

From the movie, we learned that we should not punish someone using physical abuse because it againsts human rights and nobody should be treated that way.

The comparison between 18th century and modern days.
the prewedding photo during those time compared to now
the cultural shown to the mauri
looks very acient and strange.
the difference in job between 18th century and today
wood timber
and old piano made by crafted wood
life is getting better in every aspect this screenshoot show how hard Ada has to travel because of the difficult course and obstacle
not much colour shown in the movie
there is not much pleasant and happy emotion shown in the movie
women's right not so firm that cant protect her from physical abuse and violence from her husband
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