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Toondoo Presentation

No description

Damali B.

on 20 May 2011

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Transcript of Toondoo Presentation

Toondoo What it is, and how we use it? Georgtown Middle School's Toondoo is a new tool used
in our school to help evoke
our creative minds in a
safe enviroment. It's easy
and fun. This is a toondoo
used for a
visualisation of a haiku
about a vampire. Toondoo Homepage The only things used to create a toondoo is imagination
and with imagination comes creativity. Toondoo Us allows to: Use our imagination to complete our goals
Have fun while completing visaul learning activities
Utilize not only our left brain but also our right
Expand our horizons in techology Toondoo is very easy There are instructions on the website. But personally I don't think you would need them. And if you still need help there is a walkthrough right at hand for you. Let's begin. Step One:
Get on the website and click the create button. Step Two:
A new window will pop, choose the layout you will want for your toondoo. Step Three:
Pick a background Step Four:
Choose your characters. There is also a choice to make your own. Step Five:
Add Props, thoughts bubble, and/or dialogue bubbles. And there you have it, your own toondoo!
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