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91264 Statistical Inference - an overview

No description

Michelle Dalrymple

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of 91264 Statistical Inference - an overview

91264 Statistical Inference...
... a reminder of where we're heading
we want to know things about the population
But we don't have the whole population to look at...
Sample statistics
centre - median
spread - IQR
Population parameter
we want an
for the median
The median weight of kiwis is between ___ and ___
The big point of all this work...
how do we get this interval from our sample?
Teaching & Learning world
We use a KNOWN population so we can test our ideas...
We can use technology to sample lots of time
Big ideas so far...
Sampling Variability
Using sample statistics to tell us about population parameters
Each time we sample we get a different result
The bigger the sample size, the less variability
We want samples of about 30
The more spread out the population, the more variable the samples will be
... sample size ...
... spread ...
we want to use our sample statistics to put an INTERVAL around where we think the population parameter will be
... informal confidence interval ...
Preparing for the real world
ONE sample only
want to be reasonably sure we will 'capture' the population parameter in our interval
Using the 'teaching' world to test how wide our interval needs to be
... informal confidence interval ...
Real world
we want you to understand
rather than just being happy to...
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