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Electric Toothbrush

No description

Ali Cashmore

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of Electric Toothbrush

Spin your way to a cleaner mouth with POWER More expensive? Necessities Manual < Electric First... Then... Last. Less visits to the dentist
for professional cleanings Yes, but Worth it!! Always floss! -Reaches hard
to get areas Finding the right size &
bristles for you A study shows... 12,000 people researched Rarely or never brushed 70% increased risk of health problems C-Reactive Protein:
causes inflammation Health Problems Replace your toothbrush every
3-4 months Gum Disease Chronic Dry Mouth Respiratory Tract Infections Why is brushing important? Manual < Electric Expenses "Halitosis" Sulfer Compounds Groovy areas Braces Infections and Cavities Food Smoking -sore throat
-swollen glands
-mucus cough
-etc... -Does cleaning for you -Less force and
manipulation -Vibration and
Different Types
of Power Brushes -Improves gum health Oscillating/Rotating -Less bacteria -Fresher breath Brush for at least 2 minutes
at 45 degree angle sonicare Vibration The Electric Toothbrush By Ali Cashmore -30,000-40,000
strokes per min.
-Moves so quickly it
gives off sonic waves
-UV sanitation -Variety of modes
-6,000-9,000 Strokes /
40,000 pulsations per min.
-Cup formation cleans teeth individually Oral-B Deep Sweep
Electric Toothbrush Battery operated < rechargeable $5-$200 You get more for your $$ Saving you money!! Lower cost
on health bills Start your career off the
right way
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