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Foreign Language Presentation

This is a persuasive presentation to get students to learn a foreign language.

Ashley Boyle

on 6 February 2011

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Transcript of Foreign Language Presentation

Why should students of all ages study a foreign language? Let me start with some questions for you:
How many of you take or know a language other than English?

How many of you know a person who does not speak English?

What percentage of European students know more than one language? 93% of European students know two or three languages! I believe that every student, from preschool to college, would greatly benefit from learning a foreign language. Students today should be prepared for a culturally diverse world. Dr. Vincent Bertram, Superintendent of the EVSC, states,"We can now move products to any region of the world within hours, and send information to India as quickly as we can send it to the cubicle down the hall." With the increased use of the internet, the world has essentially shrunk. Secretary of Education for the United States, Arne Duncan, recently spoke at a Foreign Language Summit, and shared these comments,"For too long, Americans have relied on other countries to speak our language. But we won't be able to do that in the increasingly complex and interconnected world.

To prosper economically and to improve relations with other countries, Americans need to read, speak and understand other languages." Knowing a foreign language will make students more employable. If someone who only knows one language is competing for a job with someone who knows two languages, the person who knows two languages is more likely to get the job, especially if you want a job involving government, international buisiness, or a medical career. My pediatrician's office specifically hired a bi-lingual doctor to communicate with Evansville's Hispanic population. I am studying Spanish so that I can visit Spain and study Spanish architecture when I become an architect. Here is an example of how knowing a foreign language can be helpful to an employer: Learning a foreign language is a challenge, therefore it increases one's knowledge. A student who studies a foreign language gains respect and understanding for that culture. Also, learning a foreign language helps students better understand the English language. For instance, learning different forms of verbs may help someone understand verb tenses in English. David Dimmett, the Chief Academic Officer of the EVSC, states,"I believe learning a world language has the potential to change the way individuals view the world around them." American students, who are future employees, need to be able to compete for a job with anyone, anywhere. Knowing, understanding, and applying a foreign language will help them to succeed in work and in life.
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