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Honors 199 SIKK pres

No description

Sam Coffey

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Honors 199 SIKK pres

Education Today Education: Then vs. Now Education Inflation Families Role In Education Technology In Education The Digital Generation Today more than ever the college degree is becoming less of an
option and more of a requirement. Even the middle job positions of today's corporations demand a degree. The price of tuition in some cases has become preposterous. Lets look at the University of Michigan. "We need technology to live, as we need food to live. But, of course, if we eat too much food, or eat food that has no nutritional value, or eat food that is infected with disease, we turn a means of survival into its opposite. The same can be said for our technology." -Postman "It is radical conditions which have changed, and only equally radical change in education suffices." -Dewy Technology as a tool. Is it possible to incorperate technology in a classroom and use it effectivly without distraction? "Hardly one per cent of the entire school population ever attains to what we call higher education; only five percent to the grade of our high school; while much more than half leave on or before the completion of the fifth year of the elementary grade." -Dewy Men and Women learn differently. Men's brains perform better on focused single tasks. Men go through phases of high energy and neural rest. Does the education system favor girls? Many boys are diagnosed with ADHD, receive the majority of D's and F's in the classroom, are noted for troublesome behavior, and in comparison to women, fewer continue on into college. Is this working? Families have given their boys and girls over to the educational system unaware of the incompatability to their children With parental involvement educators would be aware of the personalities and learning styles of the students and adapt the learning environment to the needs or girls and boys. Using family as a role in education will help fill in the personal gaps in the education of the student. According to USAToday, currently 63% of high school graduates continue on to college. Why have things changed? The transition from a manufacturing economy to a service economy Working in settings such as factories and assembly lines did
not require higher education, rather training specific to a ceratin task. Compare that to today. Would you let a doctor without a college degree treat you? Would you let an engineer without a college degree design a bridge? The tuition for out of state incoming freshman is estimated to be $34,937. That is without room and board which is estimated to be $11,762. Total, that is $46,699 without other expenses such as books and school suppiles. Assuming that cost covers the whole academic year and not just a semester, attending the University of Michigan for 4 years will run you $186,796 on just tuition and room and board. Can you put a price on education? Our generation has grown up with technology all around us. A few examples... But is this a bad thing? Take cell phones for example, they have revolutionized communication with the ability to call or text from almost anywhere. With the modern day smartphone the internet is also available from almost everywhere. Normally people only point out the bad such as the supposed "disconnect" caused by texting and maybe possibly brain cancer 50 years down the line, however what good has come from cell phones? Lives have been saved simply from a concerned individual dialing 911 when they see or drive by a car wreck. Parents can now take greater responsibility in knowing where their children are just by calling them. Emergency message systems such as the one we have here on campus can utilize text messaging. Text messaging can be used to stay in contact with an individual or multiple people throughout the whole day rather than just a short amount of time you are one the phone with them. With modern day smart phones the internet as well as all the information that comes with it is at your fingertips. So does the good of cell phones outweigh the bad and if not why does everyone have one? versus Things such as
-digital animations
-interactive games
-blackboard and gradbook
can all be used as great educational tools But what it really all comes down to is choice.
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