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MGMT 190 Venture MGMT

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of BlackBerry

Shark Team
Marketing Problems
Released their first smartphone in 2003
First phone with email and a secure network
One of the leading technology companies
Was unable to advance with competition
Market Value went down from $55 billion to $4.6 billion in 5 years
Secondary Research
1. Cannot identify its customer and failed to market to consumers
2. Branding of BlackBerry 10 has caused buyer confusion
3. Has slow response times to new technology
How is BlackBerry going to recapture their target audience of business professionals?
Collect data from outside sources aimed at revealing the decrease in demand for BlackBerry the need for BlackBerry phones and the decrease in demand and its ensuing effects

Secondary Research Methodology
Secondary Research
Secondary Research
BlackBerry phones itself have low ownership rates but there is a strong demand for BlackBerry services
Affects marketing strategy
BBRY aim: business-focused services
BBM Network notched 10 million downloads within 24 hour app rollout on iOS and Android Devices
Demand for cloud-based mobile security
Secondary Research

Ownership rates for BlackBerry and iPhone devices are particularly high among the well-educated and the relatively well-off.

Compared with those in the lowest income and education groupings, cell phone owners with a college degree or a household income of $75,000 or more per year are approximately 3-4 times as likely to say that their phone is a BlackBerry or an iPhone. BlackBerry ownership is also higher among those who are employed full-time (15% of such cell owners have a BlackBerry) compared with cell owners who are employed part-time (6%) or who are not employed for pay (6%).” - Pew Research Center, 2011

“By comparison, employees are still more likely to say they are required to be available by phone; 52% of employed email users are expected to be available to discuss work on the phone when they are not at work.
And 70% of BlackBerry and PDA owners report the same.
” - Pew Research Center, 2008

Secondary Research
Primary Research - Survey
Survey Monkey
The Sample
The Survey Questions
Limited access to target audience
Survey Monkey restrictions

- Only 34% have used a BlackBerry
- Many complaints about BlackBerry
- Low popularity rating
Primary Research - Survey
Primary Research - Interview
13:15 people use iPhones
GPS, touch screen, iMessages, apps, camera
Texting, emails, browsing
iPhone: Latest, high quality and performance
BlackBerry: Old, office phone
Primary Research - Interview
Dying in market
Most people switch phones every 2 years -> rapid technological advancements
Primary Research - Interview
Primary Research: In-Store Visits
Customer Interviews:
- All were previous BlackBerry users
-All switched to Androids or iPhones
-Lack of Apps were the main reason for the switch

-Update BlackBerry App World
-Market to Business Professionals
Primary Research: In-Store Visits
Most people decide to use or switch to iPhone and Android due to the lack of apps, and slow technology innovation
Consumers also want to upgrade their phones every 1-2 years and BlackBerry doesn't offer new phones that often

Release phones consistently to compete with dynamic nature of phone technology
Re-focus on business customers and offer more enhancements
Emphasize the secure network (BBM)
Create a large app selection
Sales Associate Interview:
-Would not recommend BlackBerry phones
-Rare customer inquiries and purchases
-Customers lack knowledge
-Lack of apps
-All feel Indifferent about BlackBerry & BlackBerry is definitely not a favorite

Questions Asked
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