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The Mayans

The Mayans were an interesting civilization that lasted from 2600 B.C to about 900A.D

sean galloway

on 29 March 2011

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Transcript of The Mayans

Mayan Civilization The Mayans started in 2600 B.C in the Yucatan peninsula The Mayans have many groups such as the Huastec, Tzental, Chipas, Quiche, Cackiquel and the Pokomam. Agriculture was the main basis for the mayan economy.
Maize was their prinary crop. Some of the other crops they grew were Maize (corn),beans,squash,avocado,cocoa beans, vanilla beans, peppers, and tomatoes. Mayan Art Mayan art was composed of delineation and painting upon paper. They also built plaster, wood, stone, clay, stucco molds, and terra cotta Units For Exchange Cacao beans were used for units as exchange and for ornamentation. The Mayans have many gods. The Mayans have many gods such as Kukul Can (winged god), Chac (rain god), Kinich Ahau ( sun god), Yumil Kaxob (maize god), Yum Cimil (death god), Ixtab (suicide god), and Yum Kaax (agriculture god). Human Sacrifices
The Mayans performed human sacrifices to please or appeasing their gods. How they sacrifice a person was that they extract the heart quickly while four other people associated with the rain lightning god, Chac which held the victim’s limbs. They used bows and arrows, by flaying, decapitation, hurling the victim from a precipice and throwing them to a limestone sinkhole. Pok-Ta-Tok The Mayans played Pok-ta-tok which players have to get a rubber made ball through a hoop 10 meters high using other body parts except their hands and feet. The team that lost the game was usually sacrificed. The Mayans By Sean Galloway The capital city of the Mayan empire was Chichen Itza. The temples were covered in stucco or painted bright red or blue. The Capital City of the Mayans Numeric System The dot in a numeric system represents one.
A line represents every 5 numbers. The oval represents 0 or every 20 numbers. There was an unknown reason for the Mayan downfall. The reason could be water loss, hurricanes, disease, high amounts of high social structure, and\or invasions of surrounding people and cultures. c l LL l Stereotypes
The stereotypes about this culture is that are slim to none but there are many stereotypes about the mexicans. One of the many stereotypes is that they have alot of bed bugs. Another is that everytime that they travel they always travel in a pack and in a group. And for the most common sterotype is that they come to America and take all the jobs by working for cheaper prices. Language Barrier
The language barrier of this language is
a fast pace spoken language. The substitute
some spanish/latin words for words for Mayan words. Attitudes About Health Care
The mayans health was very important to them they treated common sicknesses with common home remedies. They depended on the women to help take care of the sick and the wounded soliders. Beliefs About What Causes Illness & Treatment Expectations
The mayans believed that if a person from there village was sick then it was a punishment from there God and they prayed about it to get better and for there remedies to work. These are mayan people This is a map of Maya These are 3 Mayan Gods These are the Mayan calendars that people are basing the end of the world off of. The End
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