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Unit 14 Task 1 Event driven programming

Slideshow on event driven programming,Time oriented driven programming and service oriented programming.

James Kelly

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Unit 14 Task 1 Event driven programming

Trigger functions are used to identify which event handler should be run after a trigger has taken place Trigger functions Time oriented driven programming runs code dependent on time and is often called a "timer" trigger. Some examples of time oriented driven programming are google docs due to the fact that it updates regularly on all users documents and also a stopwatch uses time oriented EDP. Time oriented EDP. Event handlers are the actual code that runs when a trigger occurs such as when someone does a button press and it then runs the attached code Service oriented driven programming Service oriented driven programming only runs when needed or when an event occurs eg; when a new file is created, new email arrives or if a new USB device is installed. It can also run several services in parallel to each other Event Handlers The different events that trigger event programming Event driven programming James Kelly Mouse triggers:
-Movement of mouse
-Click and drag Keyboard triggers:
-Key press(pressing down and realizing
-Holding down a key
-letting go of key Ease of development Simplicity of programming Forms and user interface:
-Button click
-form open
-form close External events:
-Automatic doors
-smoke alarm
-conveyer belt For any form of programming to begin there needs to be an event It is extremely simple and easy to use, you encounter few problems due to the advanced debugging, it can also pause and play code when ever you wish and breakpoints. It is also easy to view code and errors. When you add a visual component it will automatically add code. It is quick and easy to build a prototype and add features when ever you feel that they are necessary. You can also use rapid application development for minimal planning so that it can fast prototyping
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