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Copy of The 7 Functions of Marketing found in an M&M

Applying the functions of marketing.

Mahrukh Paracha

on 4 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of The 7 Functions of Marketing found in an M&M

Product Service management
Business Pitch for
M&Ms are eaten all over the world. They are found at almost any supermarket as well as gas stations, vending machines, and even online.
Marketing Information Management
M&Ms have there own store where the representatives are there to assist you. Representatives communicate with the consumers and discuss what color M&Ms they would like to purchase or even if they would like to customize them.
By: Mahrukh Paracha
M&M's can be paid with almost any method of payment. Their website allows for payment with PayPal and credit card. They can be paid with in cash but whether their distributors accept credit cards is up to them.
In 1995 Mars(manufacturers of M&M's ran a survey to replace their tan colored M&M's. Through the use of this survey they attained information of which color was most desired by consumers. This new color was blue.
The price of M&M's vary from store to store. Stores make up to 60% profit. M&M's online are more expensive. The more customized they are the more they cost.
A new variety of M&Ms is always coming out. There are so many options. M&M flavors are constantly being created. The newest of which is the pretzel M&M. Other flavors that are offered are peanut, peanut butter, mint, dark chocolate, almond, dark chocolate with peanuts and many more.
M&Ms use their characters as a big promotor to kids. They also offer coupons and sales on their new products.
Place Utility:
M&M's are found in almost every store. They can be bought online, through a catalog, or even in vending machines.
Form Utility
Similar to product/service management, MARS is constantly coming out with new flavors of M&M's. There is always a new product in the market.
Posession Utility
M&Ms can be paid for in all methods depending on where you are purchasing them. You can pay throug credit card online and cash in stores.
Time Utility:
M&Ms can be bought at any time. They can be bought online and are also sold at many 24 hour stores.
Information about M&M's can be found on the labeling about its nutritional value. Other information about colors or customizing can be found on there website at mms.com
Information Utility
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