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Gender Roles in The Office

No description

Krista Schline

on 22 November 2015

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Transcript of Gender Roles in The Office

Gender Roles in The Office
Krista Schline

Portrayal of women on the show
Value of masculinity and femininity
Todd Packer is masculine: yelling and drinking
Men display leadership roles
Women are seen as subordinates
Stereotypical "male boss, female assistant" roles
Male boss is less qualified, but is given the job while the female is just an employee
How do gender stereotypes still exist in The Office?
separation between warehouse workers and office workers
warehouse workers are primarily male because the job requires strength (lifting and manual labor) and office workers have a mix of male and females
Portrayal of men in the show
Oscar Martinez
"comes out" on the show as openly gay
people who have not seen the episode in which Oscar “comes out” may not realize that he is gay
normalzes the experience
Toby Flenderson
A divorced, single father
"women are more likely to be passive and men are more likely to be aggressive"
does not usually get angry or emotional
Pam Beasley
Seen as a romantic interest for Jim
Works as a receptionist
Known for being emotional, warm, sensible, trustworthy, and caring
Seen crying in the video and is angry after (Michael makes pam cry)
Jim and Dwight
constant rivalry
very competitive
Kelly Kapoor
seen as a "damsel in distress"
always needs to have attention from guy of interest
wants an attractive and financially stable partner
Michael Scott
expresses his attraction and appreciation for women because of their bodies (sexualizes them)
frequent use of "that's what she said" jokes
exhibits inappropriate behavior in the workplace
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